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Nano water research in Brazil

This article reviews the research in nanotechnology applied to water in Brazil

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Nanotechnology may help solve..

Innovative water monitoring and purification introduced by neutral parties could reconcile trade-off ‘water or gold’

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Heavy metals in water:..

Water contamination has become a serious problem during the last century

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Heavy metals in raw and ..

Assesment about the punctual presence of heavy metals in raw and drinking water

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Water splitting as sustainable..

The production of hydrogen as energy carrier has been getting increasing amount of attention during the past decade

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Eco-Friendly alternative for ..

To cite this article  use:  Roksana, M. Eco-Friendly alternative for water treatment from nanotechnology.  J. […]

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Magnetic nanoparticles in the..

Technical feasibility of using magnetic nanoparticles obtained from metallic wool

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1 Minute for whole life

To cite this article  use:  Londoño, S., Berrio, S., Cajavilca, R., Obregón, M., Parra, G. […]

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Novel Optical Design of Field..

To cite this article  use:  Boese, M., Lennz, S., Han, L., Dietl, Ch., Meyer, S., […]

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Transmission of information by..

The quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in which two or more particles defined

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High resolution imaging at low..

MERLIN® is Carl Zeiss NTS’ latest development in the field of emission scanning electron microscopes

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Microscopy goes nano

The Nobel prize was awarded to three researchers who helped create the field of nanoscopy: microscopy at the nanoscale

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Quantum Dots

The past few decades have witnessed an almost exponential growth in the application of nanomaterials

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Aplications in photonics

Photonics, as a science, has been developing new knowledge and technology

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How to obtain fuel from water..

Nanotechnology as a tool to create materials that convert light into chemical energy

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Focusing nanoplasmonics

Nanoplasmonics is a fundamental tool of nanotechnology, The use of electrons instead

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Good practices and responsible use of nanomaterials

Development of best practice guidelines for the handling of nanomaterials is becoming essential

Cbionano-FEALAC Bio-Nano Convergence Network

Environment and Energy: Challenges and opportunities from bio and nanotechnology For the Network’s Phase 1 […]

Save Water, Save Life

Integrates students from schools in the search of solution and active participation in the mission […]




The global clean water crisis is one of the most important challenges facing the society in the 21st century.

Integral thinking and nanoscience

In front of the big defiance that the society faces in the 21st century, specifically those resulting

Nanotechnology regulation in Latin America

Nanotechnology regulation is under discussion worldwide for two main reasons.




Nano PhotoLibrary exhibits images of photographs allusive to the bio and nano world


Foro NanoSur, Caracas 2014 nanoART images constest Winners Announced

Revealing the Imperceptible

Dialogs and Differences, which originates from a group of photographs that gather the observations from the behavior of nanomaterials