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Manuscript Guide

Divulgation articles about nanoscience, nanotecnology, bionanotechnology, social implications of nanoscience and nanotechnology, nanoregulation, nanoart, nanoeducation, etc. will be welcomed.

Specialized technical content should be avoided so that it can be easily understood by readers not specialized.

Articles must be clearly written in English. Authors should submit the article in Word format.   The figures, photos and original drawings, must be of a minimum width size of 600 pixels and sent in jpg or tif format. All tables and figures must be titled numbered and cited in the text. All of them, without exception, are presented in separate files.

References are numbered between rectangular parentheses, and must be written in the order as they appeared in the text citations


  1. For journals in the format shown in the following example:

Inoue, S.,  Parra,  E.,  Higa, E. Jiang, J.,  Wang, P. et al. Sensor and Actuators A 77, 30 (2012).

  1. Information taken from the Web in the format shown in the following example:

Climate Action –European Comission-. Disponible en: http://ec.europa.eu/clima/ [consultado Nov. 11, 2013]

  1. Books:

Ashby, F.M.,  Ferreira, P.J., Schodek, D. Nanomaterials Nanotechnologies and Design (Elsevier Ltda, UK, 2009)

  1. Book Chapter:

Rezic, I. in Analysis and Risk of Nanomaterials in Environmental and Food Samples, Edited by  Barcelo, D.  and  Farrè, M. (Elseiver, 2012, UK)

The author may propose the graphic cover of the article, which must be sent in high resolution format.

All articles must be sent to email: editor@journalnano.org